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There’s Harmful Phthalates in Your Burger and Fries

Double All Day Burger AUD13, chips AUD3, Coke AUD3.50 - Rooftop Burger Shack, Melbourne - D7000

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Phthalates are a class of man-made chemicals, and they are in nearly every synthetic product we use on a regular basis. They’re used to make plastics more flexible and vinyl more durable, so they’re in things like flooring, shower curtains, and plastic toys, plus they’re used as a gelling agent in personal care products, so they’re… Continue reading There’s Harmful Phthalates in Your Burger and Fries

The race to find ‘biomarkers’ that can predict dementia

LONDON, ONT.—In a laboratory on the south side of town one August afternoon, a man names animals as he paces down a walkway: Aardvark. Bear. Camel. Dog. Giraffe. That same afternoon in a lab on the north side of town, a graduate student is poring over data generated by a rare seven-tesla MRI. The brain imaging… Continue reading The race to find ‘biomarkers’ that can predict dementia

Is Your Vehicle Ready for Winter?

Is Your Vehicle Ready for Winter?
By Robert L McSween

With Christmas now out of the way… you may realize that winter is here, right? You go out to your car get in and then it doesn’t start. It just kind of makes a clicking sound or it does nothing at all. The lights may come on but are usually dim when this happens. So, you may have figured out that your car’s battery is the likely culprit.

I was an ASE certified automotive technician for about 12 years… while it has been some time since I was in the field I do know a few things about automotive maintenance… here are some tips that could prevent some costly repairs and may make your life a little more enjoyable (by not having to deal with the issues in sub-freezing temperatures)!

When winter comes along there are some things that you should check or should have checked to be sure your vehicle is ready for the colder temperatures:

You should have your battery load tested to ensure it doesn’t leave you “out in the cold” literally.

I know Autozone will test any battery for free… if you don’t have an Autozone around make some calls… many places will likely check them to try to gain your business. I recommend if they only marginally pass if you know the warranty of the battery and it is within that warranty period… have it replaced with the same battery, if you don’t know and it has been a while err on the side of comfort and replace the battery.

One thing most people neglect is their vehicles cooling system. (Now if you own an electric car or an air cooled car these may not apply… check with your auto manufacturer.)

Have the coolant/antifreeze tested and depending on where you live be sure it is safe well below what you would normally expect the lowest temperatures to be in your area… if you are traveling find out what the expected lows will likely be and be sure your coolant/antifreeze is good to well below the lowest temperature expected. If you haven’t had your coolant tested it may freeze and the results could be disastrous. If your does freeze it could actually crack the block (worst case scenario), if you are lucky it will just push out the freeze plugs but when it thaws you won’t have enough coolant left in the engine and if you try to drive it you would likely over heat it resulting in further damage. You should also have the hoses and drive belts inspected for wear. I don’t know of any place that will do these services for free but call around again shops want your business and even if it may mean they only sell you a fan belt it may be worth it to gain a new customer.

Tires and Tire gas pressure

Check your tires… tread wear especially in winter is important as if the tread is worn you will have less traction when you may need it the most. Be sure the pressure is at the recommend level as well… colder temperatures will affect the gas pressure in the tires. I say gas rather than air as some tires now have nitrogen gas in them rather than air. Be sure of the gas(air or nitrogen) that is in your tire and have it filled with the appropriate gas.

Windshield wiper blades and washer fluid

Inspect your windshield wiper blade and make sure they are in good condition… if you don’t know how old they are replace them… its cheap insurance against not being able to see well during rain and/or snow. Also, be sure your washer fluid is safe in freezing temperatures… most are good below zero but there are some that are only good down to 32 degree…

Another frequently overlooked item… lights!

If you haven’t replaced your headlights in I would say 5 years… they are likely on “borrowed time”… yes I know they are expensive some are very expensive… however, would you rather be driving down the road at night in a snow storm and have one or worse both go out? Again, play it safe and replace them before you need to. I know you are probably saying they won’t both burn out… the chances are small but I have seen it happen and unless you have the bulb with you and are ready to replace it in sub-freezing temps… replace them both! It would hurt to replace tail/brake light bulbs either.

A few more things I strongly recommend…

Pack an emergency kit and keep in in the passenger compartment if at all possible. Blankets, candy bars and or snacks, first aid kit, water, a communication source (cell phone), a transistor radio for weather reports, emergency flares, check your spare tire for wear and pressure, I usually carry tools and a spare fan belt, kitty litter (may help provide traction if needed), a tow strap, jumper cables and/or a jump box.

If you find this useful or informative please be sure and share it with others you may help prevent a problem that could have been prevented! I hope you have safe travels, and a happy and prosperous new year!

Live Life Large and Dream Larger!

Robert L (Larry) McSween

Share this article with anyone you know that may be traveling this winter… preferably before they start out. I welcome any input or suggestions feel free leave comments.

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