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Joining Faith Assembly Of God Springdale AR

You may be one of those who are unsure how to tell if a church is a Bible believing one. It is not easy to tell if it actually gives sermons based on the scripture. For this reason, you end up looking for signs.

At present, there are so many various churches and a lot of various denominations. A lot of various doctrines are taught at various churches. So it not easy for individuals to distinguish which of these churches are Bible believing such as Faith Assembly of God Springdale AR.

Several churches that believe in the scripture do not frequently have a full packed parking lot. Additionally, not a lot of activities are listed. These are not so huge, do not look very beautiful and the exterior is not shiny. You will truly have an idea about the church just by simply looking at it from afar. Visiting mega churches will not guarantee you that you will hear what is taught in the Bible like the biblical teachings.

The sermons given by Bible believing churches are based on the scriptures. The Bible is frequently opened whenever sermons are given. Additionally, it is specified if it is from the Old or the New Testament including the chapter and its verse. These churches have not forgotten how essential the older one is even at present time.

Individuals usually find another church especially if they hear a preacher say that the holy book is not relevant at present. The creator in His sovereignty declared that the whole Bible is and will always be relevant. The holy book will always be profitable for teaching, correction and reproof. Bible believing churches teach what is only found on the Bible during Sunday morning services, Wednesday night Bible studies and at Sunday school. The pastors of these churches should always encourage individuals to turn to verse and chapter. Aside from telling the individuals to read the holy book during the week, pastors should also tell them to breathe, sleep and eat the Bible in the church or in another church.

One of the clearest signs that a church trusts in guidebook is if its messages are centered in Christ. They do not only teach regarding the cross, but regarding Calvary as well as blood of Lamb. The word of the Savior is always the topic of the teachings. Without a doubt, the sacred writings are centered on Him. From the start to finish, everything is about Him.

You should also take time to know if the church you are planning to attend offers Sunday school program regularly and Bible study during Wednesday nights. The one hour allotment during Sunday morning may not be sufficient enough for you especially if you are the type who frequently needs spiritual fulfillment.

Majority of the scripture believing churches in Springdale AR follow the Bible as their standard of belief and practice. However, there is no formal prescribed belief system to govern them. The reason behind this is that they are non-denominational or of no specific Christian denomination.

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Learning More About Spiritual Therapy Tucson

There are many types of therapists available and various methods involved in the sessions. A spiritual therapy Tucson program is something different from the conventional approach. This involves using the body and the mind as one because if the one is healthy, so will the other be good and well.

The therapist will use a number of practical aspects during these sessions to help with the progress. This may include things like yoga, art work as well as breathing exercises. It is a good idea that there is a systematic approach that the therapist sticks to, especially if he or she can see that the client likes to stick to goals because then they are able to see how quickly they are progressing.

With spirituality in your life, you become a person who is able to forgive with a lot more compassion and peace on your side. Learning to love is part of the process and this is very important while you are healing. This is what a therapist will teach their client as they move along with the process.

One also learns to breathe properly because many people suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and have problems with the way in which they go about this. When an attack comes on, a lot of people hyperventilate, but the therapist will teach them how to breathe properly and become one with the spirit, so that they learn to respond and these attacks are not much of a feature anymore.

With most people there is a lot of negative self talk that is happening a lot of the time. For some people it is more severe, and it can be constant. This is something that the therapist has to work on with their client changing negative thoughts into something more positive. It can take more time with people who suffer from a low self esteem, for example.

A lot of therapists in Tucson, AZ give their clients homework to do to help them progress. This may depend on a client. Someone who is depressed may need a little bit of a push and this could help. Giving them the task of making a creative object or doing a drawing can be inspiring for both parties.

Dealing with the mind and the way you see yourself can be dealt with in a positive manner. This especially applies to people who don’t see themselves as they would like. One has to look at self affirmation and change the negative self talk around so that the client starts to believe that they are wonderful.

One does not think of this as a particular religion because it is something that will be suitable to all faiths and people from everywhere will come together and be under the guidance and good care of a spiritual therapist. Someone like this can be found in Tucson, AZ and one should rather shop around and make sure you find someone that you can connect with in order to make sure that whole process goes well. This particular connection is vital for a good relationship to form and a level of trust to be established.

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Get Familiar With What A Dallas Psychic Does

There are a lot of places that people go to so as to seek answers. At times it could be dealing with problems that have to do with their health. More often it could be personal issues that they need help with. Some may consider working with a Dallas Psychic. Such an individual claims to use their special skills to identify necessary information.

Some Dallas, TX individuals think that these people are a fake. They think that all they do is take advantage of least suspecting individual. Such people can easily be tricked into believing anything. It is safe to say that few people see truth to this. Most times if there is no science to prove something, no one will stand boldly to say that it is true. This is such a case.

While some loath this idea, others are firm believers in it. This may be due to the benefits they have experienced while trying it out. Psychics obtain their skill either through learning. Here, they make use of material that has this kind of information. For others, it is said to come easy. This is because the ability may have been in their lineage.

There are some people here in Dallas, TX who can stand proudly and attest to having seen these specialists. They can even go ahead and ask people to try it out since it has worked so well for them. They usually offer readings where they could try and give you direction in a particular area of your life. This turns to better things in the long run.

They can be asked to deal with issues such as finances and even relationships. The information they give can give a client a new way of viewing things. This new perspective could be what is needed to better a particular situation. The choices a person makes has an influence on their future. Psychics are said to help people paint a picture of the future they want.

Psychics could act as the bridge between two worlds. That is what is seen and what cannot be seen. To most people this is beyond weird. Most people believe that once a person passes away that is it and that is the end of them. Here, comes a different view which is not easily accepted especially by religious individuals.

However, through this channeling, important messages may be passed on to the client. This is made when the said expert goes into trance. At this point spirits from other dimensions are said to enter the body of the psychic. There are tips that you should have in mind when interested in going for a session with these experts.

This process is interesting and quite new to some people. One should not think much of it when going in for the first time. One should simply try out and see how things will flow. The experience may seem worthwhile or not at the end of the day. As a client it is important to simply sit and listen as you are being spoken to and not act as a know-it-all.

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Telling Yourself the Truth

Telling Yourself the Truth Paperback by William Backus, Marie Chapman.

Description of the Book: Wrong thinking produces wrong emotions, wrong reactions, wrong behavior — and unhappiness! Learning to deal with your thoughts is the first step on the road to healthy thinking.

How to handle one’s thoughts properly is what this book is all about!

My Comments:

People today are often stressed out over many problems, leading to anxiety, depression, and even many physical illnesses. I found a lot of help in the books written by William Backus and Marie Chapman regarding telling oneself the truth. They endeavor to apply Biblical principles to life’s problems, allowing one to see problems in a different sense, since much of our anxiety is due to what being imagined related to any problem, rather than the actualities involved. While I disagree with the authors doctrinally, I did find their applications of scriptural principles to be very helpful. — Ronald R. Day, Senior.

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Why We Turn To Sugar When We’re Stressed

You can’t fool the brain when it comes to real sugar. It’s sprinkled into roughly 80 percent of processed food products sold in grocery stores today, which is why consumers may find it to be such a great stress reliever. Researchers from the University of California, Davis, studied how eating and drinking sugar, as opposed to… Continue reading Why We Turn To Sugar When We’re Stressed

Helpful Rules for Daily Life – 3


The rules we have to suggest are as follows:—

III. Do not be touchy and easily offended. Take a kindly, charitable view of the words and acts of others. A trifling slight or rebuff could well be passed unnoticed—covered with the mantle of generosity and love. A serious offense should be assumed to be unintentional, and inquiry should be kindly made in words that would not stir up anger, but in “speech seasoned with grace.” In a majority of cases it will prove that no offense was meant.

This rule in the Scriptures comes under the instructions not to indulge in “evil surmisings,”—imagining evil intentions and motives behind the words and acts of others. “Evil surmisings” is ranked by the Apostle as contrary to the words of our Lord Jesus, opposed to godliness, and of the same spirit as envy and strife—of a corrupt mind, works of the flesh and the devil. — 1 Timothy 6:3-5; Galatians 5:19-21.


The other side of this subject is brought out by the Apostle’s injunction respecting the elements of the spirit of love, of which God’s people are begotten and which they are to cultivate daily,—the development of which is one of the chief proofs of their being “overcomers.” He says, “Love suffereth long and is kind, …is not easily offended, thinketh no evil,…beareth all things, believeth all things [favorably], hopeth all things, endureth all things.”

It may be urged that such a disposition would be imposed upon frequently, by the evilly disposed. We reply that those who possess this spirit of love are not necessarily obtuse nor soft: their experiences in cultivating this degree of love have served to develop them and make them of “quick understanding in the fear of the Lord.” They will be cautious where there is even the appearance of evil, even while avoiding the imputation of evil intentions until forced to concede them by indisputable evidence. Besides, it would be better far to take some trifling risks and suffer some slight losses, many times, than to accuse even one innocent person. And the Lord who has directed this course is abundantly able to compensate us for any losses experienced in following his counsel. He is both able and willing to make all such experiences work together for good to those who love him. He places obedience to his arrangements first (even before sacrifice) saying, “Ye are my disciples, if ye do whatsoever I command you.”

Whoever neglects the Lord’s commands along this line of “evil surmisings” weaves a web for his own ensnarement, however “circumspectly” he may walk as respects other matters; for a heart impregnated with doubt and suspicion toward fellow creatures is more than half prepared to doubt God; the spirit of sourness and bitterness implied is at war with the spirit of the Lord, the spirit of love. Either the one or the other will conquer. The wrong spirit must be gotten rid of, or it will defile the new creature and make of him a “castaway.” On the contrary, if the new nature conquer, as an “overcomer,” it will be along this line: if evil surmisings are overcome, half the battle against present difficulties and besetments is won. The surmisings are from the heart, and lead us either to good words and acts, or to evil words and acts.

From Reprint 3593 – “BECAUSE THE DAYS ARE EVIL.”

Helpful Rules For Daily Life -1

The rules we have to suggest are as follows:—

I. Let each resolve to mind his own business.

The Scriptural injunctions along this line caution us not to be busy-bodies in other people’s affairs. Everyone of experience in life has learned that this is a good rule; yet few walk by this rule, circumspectly. If we have not sufficient of our own business and of the Lord’s service to fill our hands and moments and mouths, there is something wrong with us that needs careful prayer and study of the divine Word to set right.

This does not mean that we should be indifferent to the welfare of others under our care, or for whom we are in any degree responsible; but, even in doing for these we should be careful to recognize their rights and the rights of others, and specially careful not to exceed our own rights. Let us never forget that justice must govern in our interferences with the affairs of others, though we may not require full justice in respect to our own interests, but exercise mercy.

From Reprint 3593 – “BECAUSE THE DAYS ARE EVIL.

Learn Mandarin Chinese The Best Way

You will require tracking down the very best method to discover Mandarin Chinese when you have made the decision you truly wish to discover the vocabulary.

Here are some aspects that you need to consider when trying to learn Mandarin Chinese, regardless if you are doing it to grow your business or simply to have a discussion with your Chinese buddies:

Step-by-step method: Studying Mandarin Chinese may be likened to studying German or French within the perception that certainly one of the very first issues you have to do would be to determine which method is very best for you personally. Teach yourself by way of books or the web or perhaps a mixture from the two; enroll in a group, have on-on-one training or, for the more intense method, go and immerse yourself within the nation and its lifestyle.

Analyze the course that you select: You need to do a little bit of research before you can find the proper books and courses, regardless if you want to do this on your own or join a course. Read all the positive and negative reviews related to certain books and audio courses on the web before you select one in particular.

Try to concentrate on the present task in the beginning: In order to create a good foundation for your further studies, you will need to read and listen to the material on your beginner`s course. You will be able to understand Mandarin Chinese if you set aside at least half hour per day for this task. You will obtain lots of benefits if you manage to accomplish this task in the beginning. You will surely remember the building blocks of a particular language.

Be sensible about your objectives: Sadly, to learn Mandarin Chinese properly and successfully entails a fantastic amount of work-there isn’t any secret, definitely…

Taking under consideration all these aspects, you will need to set up realistic goals. Attempt and make an effort to discover a controllable quantity of new words each day, each week, perhaps 20 or 30 to start, prior to upgrading the figures – yet not a lot of as to make you neglect the ones you discovered on Monday, or to make the entire studying procedure simply a task.

Learning Mandarin Chinese can be very fun experiences. Today you can use internet to learn Mandarin at you home anytime you want. In order to speak Mandarin Chinese fluently, you should keep working on it every day and I believe eventually you can master the language one day. Take action today, good luck!

Now you can get started to learn Mandarin online anywhere in the world. We share lots of tips here about how to learn Mandarin Chinese.

What to Say to Someone Who is Grieving a Loss

Submitted by: Audrey Pellicano

If you are grieving a loss you can pass this information onto friends, family and, those well-intentioned folks looking to support you during your grief. If you are a family member or friend to someone living through grief, then perhaps the suggestions will be of help. When we’ve lost a loved one, we want to talk about them, remember them and have others say their name. Although they may no longer be in our physical presence, the relationships we have with our loved ones do not end, they change.

I’m sure you’ve heard many different “supportive statements” that have been less than helpful after a loss. I hope that these guidelines, these warm, caring and open questions, will give you the space that you need to speak about how you feel or open to door for those living with a loss.

What is it you would like to hear that would support you? What would you want people to say when you’re having a really bad day? What would you want people to say when you’re having a really good day? When would you like people to say nothing? We’re basically reeducating and teaching people how to be supportive to a person who has suffered a personal loss. You may be saying, “don’t I have enough on my plate? Why do I have to be their teacher? Why don’t they just know”? They don’t know because just like you, we’ve been taught over the course of our lives, how not to grieve and mostly what are the least helpful things to say.

These are some supportive statements;

1.I can’t imagine how you feel.

2.This must be so difficult for you.

3.Can I take you out for a cup of coffee?

4.I don’t know what to say.

5.You must miss them terribly.

6.What I remember most about John was _____________

7.Can I give you a hug?

8.Can I call you next week to talk?

9.Do you want to talk about how you feel today?

10.Or say nothing!

Have you ever sat in silence with someone who is hurting? Just holding a space for them, a safe supportive place where they can just be. It’s quite a challenge for most people because many people are “fixers”. No one can fix a broken heart except the person who owns it.

These are a few helpful suggestions, however as each of us is unique in our grief, some of these statements may feel more right to you than others. Even those of us who have lost a loved one can be tongue-tied when we are looking for the right words to support someone else. In reality there are no words that make, what has become and upside down world, better after a loss. However, we do want to acknowledge our awkwardness around a subject that has been avoided and one that we, as a society, have never been able to accept is, a part of life.

About the Author: Audrey is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Health Coach. Having been widowed at the age of 37 with 4 young children, she initially sought out the assistance of those professionals she thought might be able to help, but who in fact had no experience in working with a young widow with years of raising children ahead of her. Experiencing the absence of support in the traditional system, Audrey pursued complimentary therapies and earned certification in Guided Imagery, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition and Grief Recovery and implemented those tools through her own grief journey. She helps women who have experienced loss move through the grief and being moving forward in their lives. Audrey works virtually with clients one-on-one and provides group telephone programs on Grief Recovery and Healthy Living After Loss. You can see her upcoming programs Audrey speaks to corporations on the subject of grief in the workplace and how to support employees returning to work after a loss and provides training for managers, human resources and co-workers. Audrey launched the first Death Cafe’ in NYC on February 20th and was featured in theJune 17th edition of The New York Times Audrey also had the NY Times Quotation of the Day for June 17th 2013, “Death and grief are topics avoided at all costs in our society. If we talk about them, maybe we won’t fear them as much.” She is the author of “Six Secrets to Surviving Widowhood”. or Contact Audrey at 914-703-2688 or


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