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Taking A Look At Thyroid Health Tips Offered By San Jose Functional Medicine Center

Folks who have hypothyroidism may seek the help from an alternative medical practitioner. In San Jose Functional Medicine practitioners offer people solutions by using a holistic approach. The professional looks to identify any underlying cause that has led to the disturbance in proper thyroid function.

After identifying the root of the problem, the practitioner will make adjustments and changes to help return the body to a state of normal functioning. A number of tests and assessments will be conducted to help the doctor determine the appropriate therapy needed. These therapies include changes to nutrition and various other therapeutic actions.

The hormone deficiency, hypothyroidism, develops over several years and has to do with the output of the thyroid gland. Symptoms are not always noticeable right away and most folks think what they experience is normal aging. However, as the problem advances, the signs become more evident. In addition, metabolism slows and various other signs develop.

There are a number of signs that may indicate this condition. Typically, they include joint swelling or stiffness, muscle aches or weakness, high blood cholesterol, dry skin, weight gain, fatigue, puffy face, and sensitivity to cold. Some people also experience hair thinning, impaired memory, depression, or slowed heart rate.

This approach depends on the development of a trusting partnership between the doctor and the patient. The two will work as a team to reach the best health possible for the patient. Together they will choose appropriate therapies that will meet the patients needs. A natural therapeutic approach will regain the correct production of hormones that will promote a properly functioning system.

The functionalist approach considers the biological and the environmental factors of each individual seeing the person as a whole. These practitioners are dedicated to the holistic approach rather than addressing only symptoms. This type of medical care is often more appealing than traditional care for many conditions.

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Benefits You Might Not Have Considered In Knowing How To Get Rid Of A Headache Without Medicine

You can make a real difference to your overall well being if you can learn how to get rid of a headache without medicine . You can address real health issues without succumbing to the all too common dilemma of making the cure worst than the illness. Such an approach is about real health and shouldn’t be confused with mere symptom relief.

One of life’s great ordeals is the headache. At the best of times they’re annoying and distracting from the things upon which we’d like to be focusing our attention. And at the other extreme they can be utterly debilitating, making it in fact impossible to focus on anything.

Just grabbing a handful of pills and popping them may not be the way to go — though many do choose that course of action. As a panacea, the quick recourse to over the counter pharmaceuticals isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be. It isn’t even reliable relief for everyone: such drugs don’t always work for everyone and for some people it seems that no pharmaceuticals work at all.

That’s hardly the end of the matter though, because, even if the drugs do relieve the headache, some people are reticent over consuming yet more industrial strength chemicals. Most of us do consume a rather lot of those already.

Additionally, don’t forget the potential for unpleasant side effects when taking pharmaceuticals. Such side effects span a spectrum that go from the unpleasant annoyances right across to the other end, where one can experience serious health set-backs. At that point one is in genuine danger of a cure that truly is worse than the illness.

Finally, even if the industrial strength chemicals do work on our biochemistry and say they manage to do so without causing any significant (or at least immediately obvious) side effects, at the end of the day, the fact of the matter is that all that we’re accomplished is the masking of our headache symptoms.

Certainly, effective relief of headache symptoms should not be belittled. There’s no doubt that headaches may result in major and even debilitating pain and discomfort. Alleviating such suffering can result in a massive improvement in the quality of life for the one suffering the headache. It is necessary though to keep perspective on the big picture. Without belittling the benefits of short term symptom relief, it still has to be observed that the long term consequences, though untended, can be unfortunate.

If our approach to our headache is strictly guided by the relief of symptoms, we never actually address the cause of the headache. Symptoms of course are only effects, not causes. However thoroughly one addresses the effects of something, the cause remains a separate matter.

There are two sides to this matter. The first and perhaps most obvious is that no relief of symptoms ever addresses underlying physiological, psychological or lifestyle factors that lead to your headaches in the first place. The actual root cause remains unresolved. This is not though just a matter of efficiency; it can have serious consequences. The masking or alleviating of your headache symptoms inadvertently reduce your incentives for getting at the root cause of the headache.

In this sense, a headache is no different than any other symptom we experience. It is a kind of warning signal. Our body is telling us that something is up and we need to be aware of it. We need to act on it. Ignoring or concealing those warning signals may make them go away, but it doesn’t make the cause signaling the warning go away. To use a bit of an extreme, but hopefully an illustrative, example: obviously if you take some medication that alleviates symptoms of serious impediments to blood circulation, this may well relieve the ensuing pain. What it will not do is prevent the onset of gangrene.

Again, there is no doubt that pain relief and symptom alleviation play a big role in improving the quality of life when suffering from headaches. When we’re experiencing the headache such relief might be the only thing we can think about. If though we’re looking not just to solve this headache, but future ones, knowing how to get rid of a headache without medicine is important. It requires getting at the root cause.

Failing to heed the warning signals of a headache with fast relief pharmaceuticals is pretty much the same as driving your car with a blindfold on, so that you won’t have to stop for any red lights. It’s probably not going to end well.

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