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7 Tips For Happiness & Success

Sometimes we put limitations on ourselves because we’re afraid of what may come. We’re afraid to fail, we’re scared of change or we’re nervous about success. When you set limitations in life you limit the possibilities of achieving your goals and you stunt your growth. Take note that limitations are not always a barrier that we… Continue reading 7 Tips For Happiness & Success

So, You Work Out of Home!

I thought this article might be of interest to some who work from their home. — Ronald Day, Sr.

So, You Work Out of Home!
By M Wyzanski

So, You Work Out of Your Home, do you?

Guess what? You still may need commercial auto insurance!

If you are one of the many people who believe a home-based business does not have the same car insurance requirements that conventional businesses do, you may be setting yourself up for financial disaster.

How, you ask?

Let’s take the example of Phil Goodman, for explanation sake.

Phil Goodman lives in Toms River, NJ. Working out of his own small home kitchen, he cooks great meals that he sells to the public. For an added sales incentive, Phil offers free delivery to local customers, as well as those in the neighboring Beachwood, Lakewood, Point Pleasant, Howell, Freehold, Asbury Park and Long Branch.

Things go smoothly enough as the part-time guy Phil hired to drive his personal van doesn’t get into trouble. The problem, however, arises once there’s a vehicular accident that he is liable for. When that unfortunate but unavoidable situation occurs, Phil’s claim with his personal automobile insurance may very likely be denied. The reason? His policy does not include business driving coverage!

The Main Difference Between Personal Car and Commercial Car Insurance

There are several differences between personal auto and commercial auto insurance. The core difference, however, lies in the extent of protection. Commercial car insurance has a much wider range of coverage simply because of the larger liability risks that is inherent to the business world.

When Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

You may need it if your vehicle is

  • Owned or leased by a corporation or partnership
  • Titled or registered to a business, corporation, partnership or DBA
  • Driven by employees or non-listed drivers
  • Leased or rented to others
  • A van, pickup or utility vehicle more than 10,000 pounds or over a 2,000 pound rated load capacity
  • Equipped with cooking or catering apparatus, bathrooms, modified suspensions, hydraulic lifts, snowplowing features or racing gear
  • Outfitted with ladder racks or permanent toolboxes that are for business utilization
  • Used to deliver or pick up goods, such as supplies, materials, magazines and newspapers or food stuff

Protect Yourself with the Right Coverage.

If you are a small business owner working out of home, you may need broader protection than you thought. Speaking to an experienced independent insurance agency that deals with a network of leading insurance companies and is bent on providing tailored coverage will give you an edge into knowing your requirements, while presenting you with the most options of coverage as well as price.

For years, large and small businesses have been relying on the expertise of Prime Insurance. Contact us at so that we can hear your requirements. We’ll shop among the leading insurance companies and compare the best rates accordingly so that you acquire precisely what you need in a NJ commercial insurance policy.

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The Importance Of Accounting Services

It is true that when choosing a good accountant for your business is quite a daunting task. Of course, you also have to assure that you will be getting the right person to handle all your financial transactions. Most of the small businesses pick an accountant once the business financial challenges become huge to handle and the help of an expert is so much needed.

Actually, there are many entrepreneurs in the industry who have established their business by handling all the jobs and all financial transactions of the company. But, of course, your company will also starts to grow, so professionals are so much needed. Thus, it makes a great sense to hire accounting services Covina to embrace all responsibilities for financial matters, such as accounting and taxes.

A good accountant helps a firm not only with single function, but with longer tax planning, business planning, personal tax planning and tax planning, especially if you are stakeholder of your own firm. Of course, when you hire a CPA, it can be a very critical decision to make. This is because, you will be entrusting all confidential information about your financial future. So, you also hope that your CPA can help you to obtain success.

Before choosing the right accountants out there. It is necessary to know and understand what you need, it could be either an accounting firm or hire a regular accountant. It is vital to understand when will be the time to hire a person. Normally, there are companies that do not consider hiring people, since they only have lesser volume of transactions.

Hiring an accountant or an accounting firm or a consultancy basis is a great move to consider for a growing company. The company usually spend lesser than the salary and benefits of the regular employees. They will also be getting an important suggestion and advice from the CPA. Even though there are accounting softwares available and used these days, but nothing compares than outsourcing your financial needs to a certain CPA firm.

Your outside CPA can be one of your trusted business advisors and the main key to success. Although, there are many owners who are working with the national firms, there are some that prefer to work with independent firms. Keep in mind that accountants are not bookkeepers. They can only help you in preparing all tax returns and financial statements based on the certain numbers that you will be providing.

Bookkeeping services, if they offered will be an extra service for you. If you are planning to hire your own bookkeeper, you have to make sure that the person is qualified enough and can administer all financial obligations. Before you seek help from these services, you have to think first what you need.

Usually, these include, invoicing, tax preparation, payroll services, balance sheets and the overall bookkeeping job. You have to choose a person who can handle and set up your business books and suggest cost saving ways.

If you plan to work with large companies for your needs, you have to find out the person you want to work with. Of course, you also have to find someone who can handle the responsibility. No need for you to wear the hats of a bookkeeper or CPA, since it can greatly consume your time and becomes complicated. So, outsourcing is still better.

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Take Control of Your Paperless Office (eBook)

Join Joe Kissell as he helps you clear up the chaos of an office overflowing with paper. With Joe’s guidance you can develop a personal clean-up strategy and choose your tools—a document scanner and the software you need to perform OCR (optical character recognition), devices and services for storing your digitized documents, and tools to categorize, locate, and view your digital document collections. Once you have your gear in hand, Joe then shows you convert your paper documents to digitized files and gives you ideas for how to organize your office workflow, explaining how to develop the day-to-day techniques that reduce the amount of time you spend pressing buttons, launching software, and otherwise managing your war on clutter.

In addition to all of the above, Joe clues you in to these paper-reducing tasks and skills:

How to scan or photograph documents you find while out and about—business cards, receipts, menus, flyers, and labels—so that you keep only digitized versions. Joe discusses a variety of mobile scanner options, with particular emphasis on using a camera-equipped iOS device, and lists similar options for employing Android and BlackBerry smartphones.

How to create a digitized image of your signature so that you can create, sign, and share documents digitally, rather than printing them for the sole purpose of signing them with a pen.

How to set up your computer to send and receive faxes so that you can avoid using a physical fax machine with paper input and output. Joe describes both using a fax modem and taking advantage of various online fax services.

How to use common techniques for reducing paper—paperless billing, online bank statements, and more—and less common practices, such as using paperless postal mail services and check depositing services. Joe also gives effective tips for reducing the amount of catalogs, junk mail, and paper that you receive.

Questions answered in the ebook include:

What is a “searchable PDF” and why is it key to a paperless office?
How should I back up my important digital documents?
What differentiates “document scanners” from other types of scanners?
What’s available in the way of mobile document scanners?
What, if anything, does TWAIN stand for, and should my scanner support it?
What will OCR software do for me, and what special features should I look for?
What scanners and OCR products does Joe recommend?
How can I use AppleScript to automate my workflow for scanning documents?
What paper documents should I keep in physical form?
How can I use PDFpen or Acrobat Pro to add a signature to a PDF?
What naming and categorization schemes should I use for my documents?
Where should I store my digital documents?
What should I keep in mind if I want to share my documents with others?
How can I access my digital documents remotely?
How can an iPad, iPhone, or other device help me reduce the use of paper?
Is it better to use a fax modem or a fax-to-email gateway?

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