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We will be adding more dictionaries to this list as we are able. The offers are from differing vendors, and each vendor has terms specific, which means that orders cannot be combined from one vendor to another, nor are shipping terms/rate the same for every vendor.

Baker’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary — Free Shipping Worldwide!

A Dictionary of the Bible (Oxford Paperback Reference) – Authoritative, comprehensive, and written for a broad readership, Oxford’s Dictionary of the Bible is an invaluable guide to the books of the Old and New Testaments. The over 2,000 entries provide helpful information about the important places, people, and stories of the Bible, while clarifying the many overarching themes and controversies that are still important today. Based on the most current scholarship, the Dictionary provides clear explanations of technical terms and methods of interpretation, as well as profiles of leading biblical scholars and their contributions to the field. With its balanced approach and wide scope, this lively and absorbing reference is an ideal choice for anyone studying the Bible or those who simply wish to improve their knowledge of one of the central books of Western culture. — Free Shipping Worldwide!

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